From North Wales to the North Pole, Christopher Mike is an adventurer at heart with a deep love of the natural world. His art is defined by his passion for life and a relentless desire to capture the unique and ephemeral atmosphere of a place and time. He frequently paints outdoors and from direct observation.

In his most recent series, he describes urban and industrial landscapes in ways that highlight how beauty can be found in even the most brutal environment. We just have to look for it. At other times he concentrates on the untamed and beautiful Welsh coastline close to his studio near Aberdyfi. The majority of preparatory works are painted in the open air, often leading to more complete works in a studio environment. A theme that runs consistently throughout his work is the effect of light and how this continuously changes the way in which we see the world.

A former soldier and Alpinist mountaineer, he has successfully led Polar and Arctic expeditions raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for charitable causes. His love of wild open spaces, and the inspiration that he gains from them, is reflected in his work. Christopher has a joyous approach to life, having lived and worked in both Europe and North America. He operates from studios in London and Wales.

He believes that art, in every form, should be readily accessible and understandable to everyone. He is totally committed to this ideal.

Christopher Mike
Edouard Manet

Édouard Manet (with reference to Renoir)

“He has no talent at all, that boy!