Christopher Mike - Explorer

Inspirational Speaking

Raconteur. (n) One who tells stories and anecdotes with skill and wit. Not only is Chris able to tell a great story with wit and charm; he has great material to work with. Take the North Pole, a place very few of us are ever going to be able to visit, add the human drama of three people walking across hundreds of miles of ice flows and you have the material for a captivating story. Chris also delivers some nice life lessons without hitting the listener over the head. When Chris came and talked to us the first session was so popular we had to organise a second.�

Geoff Bilborough, Chief Operating Officer, Metia.

At a fundamental level, most people are fascinated by activities such as polar expeditions or high altitude mountaineering. Interest is spiked by accounts of trips or expeditions that push people to their extremes. I use my experiences as someone who has spent time in harsh and remote environments as the background for my talks. I try to present something that is interesting and inspirational to people, where appropriate with an injection of humour.

I can present to groups of various sizes, in different formats and with differing objectives determined by the nature of the group or audience involved. Presentation styles can be tailored to traditional after-dinner speeches, management or leadership seminars, deliveries to corporate or client events, motivational presentations or simply for general interest. When giving corporate or association presentations, I will if requested weave in a message, theme or principle.

Every effort is made to establish an understanding with the audience to give them an idea of what it was like to be there � ‘in the moment�. I try to avoid coming across as elitist and to the contrary make every effort to emphasize my ‘ordinariness� � an approach that engages an audience most; people are most fascinated by accounts of extreme activities if they can somehow associate themselves with the situation.