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One Life

By the time they reach their 40¡¯s, most men can only dream of having the body of a God. I was different., By the time I reached my 40¡¯s I had already attained that dream body. Unfortunately, I must have been dreaming about Buddha that day.

Christopher Mike

Having reached the midway point, I have come to the conclusion that the future consists of more than trousers with elasticated waistbands and knitted cardigans. I have discovered that there is much to be said for pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zones, taking on real and significant challenges, challenges that allow us to find out who we really are.

I have also discovered the rewards to be had from doing something of benefit to others; putting something back. Most of us live in a world of excess and we all too often ignore the less fortunate people around us. We tend to assume that it¡¯s always someone else who will do the decent thing on our behalf; we don¡¯t need to concern ourselves. Knowing that our actions may benefit someone else is a great feeling and the charitable aspect of my activities has become enormously important to me.

Is this all about mid-life crisis? ¨C well maybe it is. But it¡¯s a shame that the expression is used with such negative connotations. If we just substituted the word ¡®crisis¡¯ with ¡®awakening¡¯ we might see things in a much more positive light. I may be too old for a paper round and too young for a pension but I don¡¯t consider that to be a good reason for giving up.

As one colleague responded when challenged about his mountaineering exploits "it's either this, a mistress or a Harley Davidson"

And no-one wants to be seen riding a Harley Davidson.

Live It
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